My name is Michael Hoff and parts of me are part-time blogger, technology enthusiast and researcher. As a computer scientist by training, I am dealing a lot with software development in general, but also with on-going research in the field of machine learning and in particular (spiking) neural networks. However, my work is not really constrained to a single area of expertise such that I frequently run into new technologies, frameworks, programming paradigms/languages and so on. Hereby I value aspects like proper user protection (privacy, security, integrity …), standard conformity and responsible software development in general.

During my research, I mainly focus on topics related to biology, such as (spiking) neural networks. Informally speaking, spiking neural networks are a special form of the commonly known (artifical) neural networks, but with a focus on biologically plausible ways of processing information and learning techniques inspired by the brain. This is a consequence from my interest in biological/medical topics in general and in particular Psychology, as well as Neuroscience.

About This Blog

This blog is a small side project which provides access to random stuff I have already struggled with and which should spare others the time of doing the same. I do not claim to know everything about the stuff I write, thus I encourage people to discuss and give feedback to the solutions I present.

On a more general note, I believe that the Internet provides a great way of sharing information which overcomes social, geographic and ethnographic boundaries in a transparent manner. This is why I do not charge fees, place ads or anything like that. I am happy if I can help people with the stuff I do. However, if you feel like giving something back, feel free to message me, donate some money or use the (soon to be) provided Amazon affiliation mechanism to give something back.


I believe that services on the internet should neither request (or propagate) more data than is required, nor should they endanger the user by including (possibly malicious) trackers, advertisement services or other unnecessary third party services. This blog uses a local Piwik installation to generate usage statistics for my personal interest only. All other services or resources included in this page are either hosted directly on my server or only included on explicit user demand.

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